Covid-19 Office Visit Instructions

We all know that these are uncertain times and we appreciate your patience as we examine all evidence and possibilities related to COVID-19. Starting immediately and until further notice, in accordance with CDC who has recommended postponing all routine eyecare visits, we have decided to limit our availability for routine exams and nonemergency patients. This decision was not made lightly and takes into consideration the safety of our patients, staff, doctors and their respective families. We will be observing the following schedule until further notice:

All offices will be open 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday
All offices will be closed Saturday and Sunday.

What is an emergency patient?
To clarify here is a list of possible symptoms that we consider an emergency:

  • Painful eye
  • Red/watery eye
  • Trauma
  • Vision loss/constant blurred vision Flashes and/or floaters
  • Those who have no available vision aids. (ex: a patient who broke/lost glasses and doesn’t have an alternate option and is unable to function without vision correction)

Can I get a refill on my medication?
Yes! Please call our offices.

Can I pick up my contacts/glasses or have them repaired?
Of course! We will be observing all social distancing rules as well as keeping the number of people in the office under 10 as instructed by the CDC. This may mean that we ask patients to wait in their car while we assist others, or we provide curbside dispenses of glasses and contact lenses.

Can I order contact lenses?
We are happy to assist you with this right over the phone. Contacts will be directly shipped to the address provided at no cost. If you are running low, please give us a call so we can make sure that you are keeping up with healthy lens wear.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this uncharted territory. We are staying optimistic that this altered schedule will not last long and we will be monitoring the information coming from the CDC and other reliable sources to make the most informed decision on when to resume our normal hours. Ultimately, it is important to keep everyone healthy and safe. You and your families are the number one concern and we are here to support you however we can.

Thank you,
Johnson Curran Optometry Centers